I'm currently using the following setup  Python version: 3.6.5*  Buildbot 
version: 1.1.1*  Twisted version: 18.4.0

On my system buildbots home page seems to ignore my web settings for how many 
previous builds to show and always defaults to 20. I've tested this on a few 
other public Buildbots just using the settings tab they seem to behave the same 

So in my config file I have added the following

c['www']['ui_default_config'] = {
    'Waterfall.scaling_waterfall': 0.5,
    'Grid.fullChanges': True,
    'Grid.revisionLimit': 10,
    'Builders.show_workers_name': True,
    'Home.max_recent_builds': 40,
    'Home.max_recent_builders': 40,

The Waterfall and Grid View changes seem to be respected, but the 
Home.max_recent.builds<http://Home.max_recent.builds> Home.max_recent_builds is 
ignore entirely.  Is this a known bug or should the home page respect these 
settings and properly show 40 previous runs?

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