Thanks for the tip.  I have a parent project (POM) and modules, one each for
services.  So currently I have a pid for each service but some of the cfg
settings are common across projects (e.g. kafka server address which is a
pointer to a docker linked container). 

What would be cool would be to have some defaults in a parent pid and then
over-rides and additional ones in the modules pid (or same pid?).  Is there
a way to do this?

Additionally, some of the properties should not be in git since they are
"secure".  At the moment I am deploying them via a volume mount from the
fuse docker container to /etc and intend to manage them via a fabric profile
(next stage).  Any tips on this.

A very useful reply, might be a blog post?  Only the basics are covered in
the Camel in Action and Cookbook.

Thanks again.


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