Thank you for your response.  Yes the default property in
cm:default-properties is over-ridden in the .cfg loaded in
loadConfigAdminConfigurationFile().  I was then logging {{foo}} in the

All of this appears to be working correctly.

I took your advice and ripped out everything to do with properties and I
still get an "unable to validate xml" and test still passing. 

It is a bit infuriating since the route is now so simple and one would have
hoped the xml validation would have chucked out some more info on the error.

The xml validates correctly in IntelliJ IDEA.

Progress of some sort:
Not sure what I need to do or just leave it.  I am running the test in IDEA
and not Karaf/Fuse.

But even with all the properties ripped out I am still getting this problem. 
Sounds like some old XML is lurking somewhere!

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