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I have a question regarding the camel-rabbitmq component. The following code sends the message “test” to exchange “A” with routing key “B” every 5 seconds:

from("timer:test?period=5000").process(new Processor() {
            public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {
                exchange.getOut().setBody("test", String.class);
exchange.getOut().getHeaders().put("rabbitmq.EXCHANGE_NAME", "A”); **
exchange.getOut().getHeaders().put("rabbitmq.ROUTING_KEY", "B”); **

However when I comment out the lines with **, the message does not get sent. Is this an expected behaviour? I found this stack overflow post, essentially discussing the same issue: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22449086/apache-camel-rabbitmq-endpoint-not-creating .

There is a paragraph at http://camel.apache.org/rabbitmq.html that says

"Headers are set by the consumer once the message is received. The producer will also set the headers for downstream processors once the exchange has taken place. Any headers set prior to production that the producer sets will be overridden.”

The last sentence seems to suggest that the behaviour I described here is expected. My question then is would it not make more sense if we did not have to specifically set the headers in the out message?

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