I'm using camel-aws version 2.17.3, the deleteAfterRead options works well when 
I only set it by true, but when I use deleteIfFiltered(false) together, the 
message will not be deleted, then I changed them both as true the message can 
be deleted in queue. Is there any relationship between deleteAfterRead and 
deleteAfterRead? Does it mean if I use deleteAfterRead with deleteAfterRead 
together, I need to set them both with true when I want to delete the messages 
after read it?

No message will not be delete
                + "?amazonSQSClient=#myClient "
                + "&deleteAfterRead= true&deleteIfFiltered=false + 
                .filter().simple("${body} == 'foo'").to("log:qs_route.cLog_1" + 

from("timer:cTimer_1" + "?repeatCount=" + 2 + "&delay=" + 1000)
                .constant("bar").to("aws-sqs:myQueue "
                + "? amazonSQSClient=#myClient")

from("timer:cTimer_2" + "?repeatCount=" + 2 + "&delay=" + 1000)
                .constant("foo").to("aws-sqs:myQueue "
                + "? amazonSQSClient=#myClient");


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