Thanks for the response. I would like to use Camel to read the file,
process it and generate a new CSV file to send it to a different system.

I get this file from a different system X and I need to process and
transform it to CSV file in a different format which can be understood by
system Y.

I can try to do that but the problem here is task and data are always
associated with each other. I'm not sure how to dynamically split based on
task.1 or task.2 or task.n.

My goal is to read this file and generate a new CSV file in a different

Can you point me/send me sample code to split the file by task?

I do really appreciate your help.

Thank you.

On Sep 23, 2016 01:25, "DariusX [via Camel]" <> wrote:

It isn't clear how you want to use Camel in this picture. if it is simply
to poll for files, and if the file is not huge, a simple/naive approach
would be to read in the whole file and do all the steps you need. All as a
single Processor following the "from:file" consumer.

The the Data/Task sections always follow one another, as in your example,
you could attempt to split the file into sections that way, and handle each
split task differently, based on the "operation". It will be more complex
to code. So the question is: what would you gain by this?

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