We currently are on 2.16.3 version and can't use the loop function (part of 
2.17). So we have the following routes based on which we create sort of loop 
with switch case. Now we are worried about the performance (when we see 
stacktrace of camel processing)

Route 1:  from("direct:s1).to("read one page of data").process("process one 

Route 2:  from("direct:s2").toD("go to external source").when("are more pages 
left").to("direct:s1").otherwise().process("end processing");

Now if there are thousands of pages, it is possible that this loop creates lot 
of objects in memory & can create performance issue? Is there a way for Camel 
to be told, before going to route 1 again, forget all the past? Is disabling 
HISTORY would solve that?


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