Sample of my blueprint is attached here.

        <camelContext id="myCamelContext"
                useMDCLogging="true" threadNamePattern="#counter#"
                trace="false" xmlns="";>

                <threadPool id="threadPoolExecutor" threadName="test"/>

                <route id="myRoute">
                        <from uri="direct-vm:testIn" />
                        <to uri="direct-vm:testOut" />

 I am trying to load this blueprint file from my test case which extends
    protected String getBlueprintDescriptor() {
        return "my-blueprint.xml";


The problem is when my blueprint has a custom threadpool defined as above,
the container is unable to start this bundle. I don't see any descriptive
error other than below message. 
16/10/18 09:56:46 ERROR container.BlueprintContainerImpl: Unable to start
blueprint container for bundle MyBundle/1.0.0

But If I commented out the threadPool definition, then it works as a charm.
Any Idea why this happens and how to fix this. I am using Camel 2.16.2 

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