You can use JsonPathExpression in your split body and allow parallel execution using executorServiceRef, following is a sample skeleton -

from("jetty:http://localhost:8888/hello";).split(new JsonPathExpression("$.data[*]")).executorServiceRef(MY_EXECUTOR_REF).to(...)

This will run your individual json tokens in parallel which you can use to send out independent GET requests to desired endpoints. You'll have to use aggregationStrategy though at end to accumulate the results (if you wish to combine some data) using strategyRef option. There are number of examples at - towards the end of this documentation you'll see custome aggregationStrategy example as well.

Just to clarify, JsonPathExpression comes from org.apache.camel.model.language.JsonPathExpression class (You'll have to import it in your route builder).

Avnish Pundir

On 18-10-2016 16:23, Debraj Manna wrote:
I am receiving a request on a Jetty Http Endpoint. The request body
contains some urls in the request body. I have to make a GET request to
those urls. Then aggregate the results from each of the GET request and
return it to the caller.

Request Body:-

    "data" : [
        {"name" : "Hello", "url" : "http://server1"}
        {"name" : "Hello2", "url" : "http://server2"}


One way I can think of doing this is like below:-

from("jetty:http://localhost:8888/hello";).process(new Processor() {
    public void process(Exchange exchange) throws Exception {
        // 1. Make the GET request in parallel using ThreadPoolExecutor
        // 2. Wait for all calls to finish. Collate the response
        // 3. Write it to exchange.getOut().setBody

Can some one let me know if this can be achieved via Java DSL using camel
dynamic Routes, splitter & aggregator so that my Processor remains
relatively small?

I am using camel 2.16.3.


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