Have tried camel from version 2.15.0 to 2.17.3 but have found that it still 
doesn't support Cassandra 3 or CQL version 3.4 yet.
Currently I can see camel-cassandraql component supports Cassandra version 
2.2.x  (Ex - apache-cassandra-2.2.8) and CQL Version 3.3.x (Ex - CQL spec 3.3.1)

Newer version such as Cassandra 3.x (Ex - apache-cassandra-3.9) and CQL Version 
3.4.x (Ex - CQL spec 3.4.2) is not yet supported.

Can we get it supported in the next release or is it already on the roadmap for 
coming releases or so, please advise?

Thanks & Regards,
Shoaib R Khan

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