Hi Camel folks,

I am currently looking for a simple approach achieving the following in
Apache Camel / Spring Boot:

1. Send a search job request to an external REST/JSON API
2. Get a search processing job ID from the API
3. Poll the API until it returns a JSON response containing a specific
status = done
4. Once status done has been returned, proceed with the retrieval of the
search result (separate part, considered to be straight forward)

The first solution one may think of is to implement the Polling Consumer
pattern, which in my opinion requires too much overhead code (need to
implement Component, Endpoint, Consumer,...) and more important this pattern
does the contrary - it returns a message once a message is available (e.g.

Another approach would be a simple Processor where I loop a defined number
of times calling the API or using the DSL -> doWhile...

As I was unable to find a good code snippet, it would be cool if you guys
can share your thoughts or point me to a good sample.


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