We have accomplished this with the Routebuilder.  

Had all the ftp endpoints, cron/quartz details stored in a DB and generated the 
routes dynamically.  

> On 9 Aug 2017, at 09:45, Christian Stark <starki...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Given the following scenario: We have many many (>1000) ftp endpoints both
> inbound and outbound.
> Best would be to configure (create,update, delete) those FTP-Endpoints in a
> Database-Table (with all its properties)
> else it is quite difficult to still have an overview.
> Once an Endpoint got updated this somehow needs to get injected into Camel
> to that Camel knows that there is a new Endpoint.
> Is it somehow possible to configure this?   What is the best practice to
> handle tons of endpoints in Camel (which all may have different settings?
> Thanks
> Christian

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