I just started to look into Camel and I was hoping I could get some
guidance and clarification.

we are going to start converting a flex app. in the interim we need to
connect the Flex app to a java backend via websockets for various tasks,
but most critically connecting to an Asterisk server also using websockets
for bidirectional event updating. FYI We'are also going to be using
ActiveMQ mostly to guarantee data exchange between the Java backend  and a

what I would like to know is:
1. if Camel is installed on a Tomcat (no choice) server can it be used as a
websocket server?

2. to access invoke the REST services located on a separate server on the
same network would I use something like  camel-ahc or some like

I have a cloudy understanding but I would like to get some insight if
possible. Sorry if the questions sound a bit dumb.

thank you,


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