Hi all - started playing w/the JMX features of Camel via my RH Fuse ESB.  Got a 
question about what's available out of the box.  Browsing the JMX url via 
jconsole, I see 3 mBeans of "type=eventnotifiers" under each Camel context I 
have running.  These mBeans list about 20 or so notifications covering things 
like context events, route events, exchange process events, etc etc.  But 
problem is when I tell jconsole to subscribe to any of these notifiers, nothing 
comes through at all on any of them.  I know there's traffic flowing through my 
Camel routes, but I get bupkis in the way of ExchangeCreatedEvent, 
ExchangeCompletedEvent, etc etc in the console.

I can see on the Camel JMX docs page that one must set up a 
JmxNotificationEventNotifier in the context.  Since I in fact saw 3 mBeans of 
"type=eventnotifiers" in the context, I assumed these object would in fact 
throw the various events listed in the docs, so all I needed to do was attached 
a listener.  Which, I was hoping, would just be jconsole for my inital browsing 
purposes.  Is that an incorrect assumption - are no events going to be 
published unless I explicitly add a JmxNotificationEventNotifier to my context 
definition?  If so, what are these event notifier beans that I see?  Are they 
inactive or something or only for internal use or what?

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