I was wondering if there was a way to shutdown a camel application which uses Spring Boot in a graceful way? I've seen this page - http://camel.apache.org/graceful-shutdown.html but it doesn't really explain it. For example I have a shell script for starting the app which runs my standalone java app.

To shut it down I was thinking of another shell script but don't simply want to kill the process. I've see Spring Boot Actuator provides a way via http but my app is not a webapp in a fat jar, just a standalone java app. I've also seen Spring Boot has a ApplicationPidFileWriter which writes the pid to a file but again this approach uses a brute force kill.

There seems to be a couple of tests here related to it:

But it isn't clear, do I have to create some kind of custom shutdown hook which I can call externally and stop the camel context or shut the routes down gracefully or does something in Camel Spring Boot do this for me?

Thanks for any help

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