Hello Enzo,

To me the choice between vpn client and vpn site 2 site relies on how many 
users do you have.

We have started to produce Cloudstack documentations on ikoula.wiki and there 
is a how to dedicated to site2site vpn here : 

Nb : This is originaly french documentation if you have any questions about it, 
ask me.


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Hi Guys,

Does anyone have additional information related to the Remote Access VPN and 
the Site to Site VPN features in CloudStack, apart from what is available 
within the documentation.

The type of things I'm looking for is configuration examples within CS, and 
configuration examples from the client side. The client side is typically Linux 
There does not seem to be a lot of information related to VPNs and CS. 
Is the feature not fully supported yet or something?

When connecting a private cloud to a public cloud, would it be best to:

1) Use a client / server VPN, i.e. have the public cloud be a client connecting 
to the server in the private cloud
2) Use a site to site VPN to connect the two sites / clouds

Thanks and Regards,

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