Actually both file /etc/cloudstack/management/key  as well as value of  from /etc/cloudstack/management/  
are used in different areas.
If you changed any of them from default it  means certain values in DB are 
encrypted and key is lost

One option is this
Install brand new ACS
Copy /etc/coudstack/managment/key and value of of and from  is original installation

Copy values of encrypted fields as well.

All possible values are here

SELECT name, value FROM cloud.configuration where (category = 'hidden' or  
category = 'secure' ) and value is not null
But you can gnore  some e.g. ldap if you don’t use it.

On 10/18/16, 1:47 AM, "Lotic Lists" <> wrote:

    The LUN was lost with all data :(
    I have database backup but key file not

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