Hi William,

We would need a larger excerpt of your logs – this isn’t actually showing the 
underlying error why the CPVM can’t start.

Anohter thing to check – did you pre-seed your system VM template?

Dag Sonstebo
Cloud Architect

On 30/11/2016, 02:58, "William Hutchins" <whutch...@correct.com.au> wrote:

    Hi There,
    I've just completed a fresh installation of ACS 4.9 using the official 
documentation for Centos and the Console Proxy system VM is failing to create 
as part of the wizard driven process. With a null error in the log it's being a 
little difficult to diagnose further. The management console completes its 
installation and I'm able to login to the ACS GUI interface
    2016-11-29 10:09:04,613 DEBUG [c.c.a.ConsoleProxyAlertAdapter] 
(consoleproxy-1:ctx-616f176d) (logid:7efb41fd) Console proxy creation failure, 
zone: zone1
    2016-11-29 10:09:04,614 WARN  [o.a.c.alerts] (consoleproxy-1:ctx-616f176d) 
(logid:7efb41fd)  alertType:: 10 // dataCenterId:: 1 // podId:: null // 
                                                           :: null // message:: 
Console proxy creation failure. zone: zone1, error details: null
    When I refer to Home > Infrastructure > System VMs I can see:
    "s-1-vm" Secondary Storage VM in the state of starting
    "v-35-vm" Console Proxy VM in the stopped state (refuses to start with the 
above error)
    Any assistance in pointing me in the right direction would be greatly 
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