Hi Dag,

aah, the global setting was the missing piece in the puzzle, that makes total 
sense now. Thank you. I am currently using the Python CS module for coding the 
script, I will use that for the task at hand.

And yes, you are right, this is actually CloudPlatform. We are currently at 4.5 
and the upgrade to 4.7(.1) includes some major changes regarding the S2S VPN, 
the update is quite complicated and required detailed planning and coordination 
with our customers while upgrading the VPRs. I was not aware that this specific 
feature (shadow mode) is CP only, which however explains why I could not find 
any hint in the API documentation. 


Am 09.08.17, 18:24 schrieb "Dag Sonstebo" <dag.sonst...@shapeblue.com>:

    Hi Daniel,
    In general your VR template is governed by the global setting for 
router.template.vmware (or whatever your hypervisor is) – this field is updated 
when you do your upgrade, so ACS knows what the new template is.
    To do the upgrade your easiest option is to use CloudMonkey and call the 
upgradeVirtualrouterTemplate API call from command line. Something like 
“cloudmonkey upgrade virtualroutertemplate account=XYZ zoneid=aa-bb-cc-dd 
podid=aa-bb-cc-dd id=123123” etc should do it – refer to the API documentation 
page you have found. As always though I would recommend testing this beforehand 
in a non-prod environment.
    With regards to your GUI options – are you using CloudStack or 
CloudPlatform? (The shadow mode is not a feature of Apache CloudStack at this 
    Dag Sonstebo
    Cloud Architect
    On 09/08/2017, 16:29, "daniel.herrm...@zv.fraunhofer.de" 
<daniel.herrm...@zv.fraunhofer.de> wrote:
        Hi all,
        we are currently planning an update of CP, which also includes an 
upgrade of the System VMs. We are upgrading from 4.5 to 4.7.
        I wrote a python script to check VPN connections and other parameters. 
Some upgrades can be performed right after the CP upgrade, some other routers 
must not be upgraded, as those will be upgraded manually after some more 
        Now I am struggling how to upgrade the Routers using the API. I found 
the command “upgradeRouterTemplate“ 
 which, when I understand it correctly, should support that. However, when 
upgrading using the GUI I can select both the SystemVM Template and opt to use 
a shadow mode. The command mentioned above however does not allow me to specify 
those arguments.
        So my question is: what would be the best way to upgrade the routers 
using the API?
        Thanks and regards
        Daniel Herrmann
        Network Architect – Fraunhofer Private Cloud
        CCIE #55056 (Routing and Switching)
        Cisco CCDP, CCIP; Fluke CCTT
        Fraunhoferstraße 5, 64283 Darmstadt
        Tel.: +49 6151 155346
        Mail: daniel.herrm...@zv.fraunhofer.de
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