Hi Melanie,

Yes looks like a UI bug.
I tried through the UI with the browser in developer mode to see what was sent. 
 The guest netmask is missing.

Please could you file a github issue for it at: 


Kind regards,

Paul Angus

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Subject: ACS 4.11 creates isolated Net only with IP Range

Hi all,

after upgrading to 4.11 we have the issue, that isolated nets created with the 
web-UI are always created for the IP range - no matter what values 
are filled in the fields "Guest Gateway" and "Guest Netmask".

Creating an isolated network with CloudMonkey works perfectly using the

create network displaytext=deleteme-cloudmonkey name=deleteme-cloudmonkey 
networkofferingid=<id> zoneid=<id> projectid=<id> gateway= 
netmask= networkdomain=deleteme-cloudmonkey.heinlein-intern.de

Could this be a bug with 4.11? Can someone reproduce this behaviour?



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