I'm currently trying to use uploadSslCert ( 
https://cloudstack.apache.org/api/apidocs-4.11/apis/uploadSslCert.html )
via cloudmonkey.

I'm running into different kinds of errors. (9999 / 503) ( 500 "None"), Parsing 
Errors on Cert/Key (the message isn't clear on which part though)

The Certificate is a valid openssl x509, the key sha-256 rsa 4096bit (i tried 
both secured by DER and also open without passphrase)

It seems to get a bit further if I don't urlencode by myself, but don't know if 
i have to?
If I urlencode the cert and key, the request as seen in the logfile shows %250A 
instead of %0A (a carriage return). If I leave it "raw", the request (in the 
logs) shows a valid urlencoded form.

Could some one please shed some light?

For one project, I need SSL offloading at the VR's haproxy.

Thanks in advance!


- Stephan

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