Jorge Fábregas <> writes:

> Hi,
> I have an issue while shutting down one of our clusters.  The unmounting
> of an OCFS2 filesystem (ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem) is triggering a node
> fence (accordingly).  This is because the script for stopping the
> application is not killing all processes using the filesystem.  Is there
> a way to "force unmount" the filesystem using pacemaker as it is in SLES
> 11 SP4?
> I searched for something related and found the "force_unmount" parameter
> for ocf:heartbeat:Filesystem but it only works in RHEL (apparently it's
> a newer OCF version).
> It appears I'll have to deal with this out of pacemaker (perhaps thru an
> init script using "fuser -k" that would run prior to openais at system
> shutdown).
> If anyone here using SUSE has a better idea please let me know.

The force_unmount option is available in more recent version of SLES as
well, but not in SLES 11 SP4. You could try installing the upstream
version of the Filesystem agent and see if that works for you.


// Kristoffer Grönlund

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