22.09.2016 11:19, Auer, Jens пишет:
> I think start-up is just a special case of what I think is a dependency for 
> starting a resource. 
> My current understanding is that a mandatory constraint means "If you 
> start/stop resource A then you 
> have to start/stop resource B". An optional  constraint says that the 
> constraint only holds when
> you start/stop two resources together in a single transition. What I want to 
> express is more like
> a dependency "don't start resource A before resource B has been started at 
> all. State changes of resource B 
> should not impact resource A". I realize this is kind of odd, but if A can 
> tolerate outages of its dependency B,
> e.g. reconnect, this makes sense. In principle this is what an optional 
> constraint does, but not restricted
> to a single transition.

But if A can tolerate outage of B, why does it matter whether A is
started before or after B? By the same logic it should be able to
reconnect once B is up? At least that is what I'd expect.

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