On 10/13/2016 03:36 AM, Ulrich Windl wrote:
> That's what I'm talking about: If 1 of 3 nodes is rebooting (or the cluster 
> is split-brain 1:2), the single node CANNOT continue due to lack of quorum, 
> while the remaining two nodes can. Is it still necessary to wait for 
> completion of stonith?

If the 2 nodes have working communication with the 1 node, then the 1
node will leave the cluster in an orderly way, and fencing will not be
involved. In that case, yes, quorum is used to prevent the 1 node from
starting services until it rejoins the cluster.

However, if the 2 nodes lose communication with the 1 node, they cannot
be sure it is functioning well enough to respect quorum. In this case,
they have to fence it. DLM has to wait for the fencing to succeed to be
sure the 1 node is not messing with shared resources.

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