I have one resource agent (redis, to be exact) that sometimes apparently fails to start on the first attempt. In every case, simply running a 'pcs resource cleanup' such that pacemaker tries to start it again successfully starts the process. Now, obviously, the proper thing to do is to figure out why redis sometimes fails to start, and fix that (it sort of feels like there may be a race condition going on somewhere to me), which I fully intend to spend some time investigating. However, in the meantime the quick "fix" is to simply have Pacemaker try starting the resource again if it fails the first time. This is easily accomplished by setting the property start-failure-is-fatal to false, which works beautifully for the redis resource. However, this is a global setting, and for most resources it doesn't make sense - if they don't start on the first try, I'm probably going to need to fix something before they will start.

So the question is, is there a way to set the start-failure-is-fatal property to false only for one resource, or in some other way configure the resources such that the effect is the same - i.e. the one resource I want will retry start, but the others will give up after a single failure? Thanks.
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