Hi List,
Been investigating the following problem recently:

Have two node cluster with 4 cloned (2 on top of 2) + 1 master/slave services 
on it (corosync+pacemaker 1.1.15)
The failover works properly for both nodes, i.e. when one node is 
restarted/turned in standby, the other properly takes over, but:

Every time when node2 has been in standby/turned off and comes back, everything 
recovers propery.
Every time when node1 has been in standby/turned off and comes back, part of 
the cloned services on node2 are getting instantly restarted, at the same 
second when node1 re-appeares, without any apparent reason (only the 
stop/start messages in the debug).

Is there some known possible reason for this?

Best regards,

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