This won't be of interest to most users, but for those who like to run
the regression tests:

With 2.0.0, we're moving to unify most testing code under the CTS
banner. When running regression tests from the source code tree, they
are now all located in the cts subdirectory. When running from the
installed deployment, they are now all located directly in
/usr/share/pacemaker/tests, rather than individual subdirectories.

The former script is now called cts-regression, and is
the preferred front end for all regression tests.

Component-specific regression tests can still be called directly, but
are now named cts-cli, cts-lrmd, cts-pengine, and cts-stonithd.

That's probably all that will be done for 2.0.0. Eventually, I'd like
to make cts-regression the only front end (with an improved interface),
and have all the individual components as Python modules.
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