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There is a simple configuration of two cluster nodes (built via RHEL 6 pcs interface) with multiple master/slave resources, disabled fencing and the single sync interface.

All is ok mainly. But there is some problem of the cluster activity performance when the master node is powered off (hard): the slave node detects that the master one is down after about 100-3500 ms. And the main question is how to avoid this 3 sec delay that occurred sometimes.

On the slave node i have a little script that checks the connection to the master node. It detects a problem of a sync breakage within about 100 ms. But corosync requires a much more time sometimes to figure out the situation and mark the master node as offline one. It shows 'ok' ring status.

If i understand correctly then
1 the pacemaker actions (crm_resource --move) will not perform until corosync is not refreshed its ring state 2 the detection of a problem (from a corosync side) can be speeded up via timeout tuning in the corosync.conf 3 there is no way to ask corosync to recheck its ring status or mark a ring as failed manually

But maybe i'm missing something.

All i want is to move resources faster.
In my little script i tried to force the cluster software to move resources to the slave node. But i've no success so far.

Could you please share your thoughts about the situation.
Thank you in advance.

Cluster software:
corosync - 2.4.3
pacemaker - 1.1.18
libqb - 1.0.2

totem {
      version: 2
      secauth: off
      cluster_name: cluster
      transport: udpu
      token: 2000

nodelist {
     node {
         ring0_addr: main-node
         nodeid: 1

     node {
         ring0_addr: reserve-node
         nodeid: 2

quorum {
     provider: corosync_votequorum
     two_node: 1


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