I have a 2 node pacemaker cluster configured with the fence agent vmware_soap.
Everything works fine until the vCenter is restarted. After that, stonith fails 
and stop.

[root@node1 ~]# pcs status 
Cluster name: psqltest
Stack: corosync
Current DC: node2 (version 1.1.16-12.el7_4.7-94ff4df) - partition with quorum
Last updated: Thu Feb 22 11:30:22 2018
Last change: Mon Feb 19 09:28:37 2018 by root via crm_resource on node1

2 nodes configured
6 resources configured

Online: [ node1 node2 ]

Full list of resources:

 Master/Slave Set: ms_drbd_psqltest [drbd_psqltest]
 Masters: [ node1 ]
 Slaves: [ node2 ]
 Resource Group: pgsqltest
 psqltestfs (ocf::heartbeat:Filesystem): Started node1
 psqltest_vip (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr2): Started node1
 postgresql-94 (ocf::heartbeat:pgsql): Started node1
 vmware_soap (stonith:fence_vmware_soap): Stopped

Failed Actions:
* vmware_soap_start_0 on node1 'unknown error' (1): call=38, status=Error, 
 last-rc-change='Thu Feb 22 10:55:46 2018', queued=0ms, exec=5374ms
* vmware_soap_start_0 on node2 'unknown error' (1): call=56, status=Error, 
 last-rc-change='Thu Feb 22 10:55:39 2018', queued=0ms, exec=5479ms

Daemon Status:
 corosync: active/enabled
 pacemaker: active/enabled
 pcsd: active/enabled
[root@node1 ~]# pcs stonith show --full 
 Resource: vmware_soap (class=stonith type=fence_vmware_soap)
 Attributes: inet4_only=1 ipaddr= ipport=443 login=MYDOMAINUser 
passwd=mypass pcmk_host_list=node1,node2 power_wait=3 ssl_insecure=1 action= 
pcmk_list_timeout=120s pcmk_monitor_timeout=120s pcmk_status_timeout=120s
 Operations: monitor interval=60s (vmware_soap-monitor-interval-60s)
I need to manually perform a "resource cleanup vmware_soap" to put it online 
Is there any way to do this automatically?.
Is it possible to detect vSphere online again and enable stonith?.

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