We use the following command to create the cluster. Node2 is always the master 
when the cluster starts. Why does pacemaker not select node1 as the default 
How to configure if we want node1 to be the default master?

pcs cluster setup --name cluster_pgsql node1 node2
pcs resource create pgsqld ocf:heartbeat:pgsqlms bindir=/usr/local/pgsql/bin 
pgdata=/home/postgres/data op start timeout=600s op stop timeout=60s op promote 
timeout=300s op demote timeout=120s op monitor interval=15s timeout=100s 
role="Master" op monitor interval=16s timeout=100s role="Slave" op notify 
timeout=60s;pcs resource master pgsql-ha pgsqld notify=true interleave=true;

Sometimes it reports the following error, how to configure to avoid it?

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