I am pleased to announce the latest maintenance release of Corosync
2.4.4 available immediately from our website at

This release contains a lot of fixes, including fix for CVE-2018-1084.

Complete changelog for 2.4.4:

Andrey Ter-Zakhariants (1):
      corosync-notifyd: improve error handling

Bin Liu (7):
      man:fix in corosync-qdevice.8
      quorumtool: remove duplicated help message
      cfg: nodeid should be unsigned int
      coroparse: Use readdir instead of readdir_r
      wd: fix snprintf warnings
      Fix compile errors in qdevice on FreeBSD
      qdevice: mv free(str) after port validation

Ferenc Wágner (6):
      Fix various typos
      Fix typo: recomended -> recommended
      man: support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
      configure: add --with-initconfigdir option
      Use static case blocks to determine distro flavor
      Use RuntimeDirectory instead of tmpfiles.d

Jan Friesse (29):
      coroparse: Do not convert empty uid, gid to 0
      sam: Fix snprintf compiler warnings
      quorumtool: Use full buffer size in snprintf
      man: Add note about qdevice parallel cmds start
      sync: Remove unneeded determine sync code
      sync: Call sync_init of all services at once
      corosync.conf: publicize nodelist.node.name
      totemudp[u]: Drop truncated packets on receive
      logging: Make blackbox configurable
      logging: Close before and open blackbox after fork
      init: Quote subshell result properly
      blackbox: Quote subshell result properly
      qdevice: quote certutils scripts properly
      sam_test_agent: Remove unused assignment
      qdevice: Fix NULL pointer dereference
      quorumtool: Don't set our_flags without v_handle
      qdevice: Nodelist is set into string not array
      qdevice: Check if user_data can be dereferenced
      qdevice: Add safer wrapper of strtoll
      qdevice: Replace strtol by strtonum
      qnetd: Replace strtol by strtonum
      main: Set errno before calling of strtol
      totemcrypto: Implement bad crypto header guess
      cpg: Use list_del instead of qb_list_del
      totemcrypto: Check length of the packet
      totemsrp: Implement sanity checks of received msgs
      totemsrp: Check join and leave msg length
      totemudp: Check lenght of message to sent
      qdevice msgio: Fix reading of msg longer than i32

Jan Pokorný (3):
      logsys: Avoid redundant callsite section checking
      man: corosync-qdevice: fix formatting vs. punctuation
      man: corosync-qdevice: some more stylistics

Jonathan Davies (1):
      man: fix cpg_mcast_joined.3.in

Rytis Karpuška (5):
      libcpg: Fix issue with partial big packet assembly
      totempg: Fix fragmentation segfault
      totempg: use iovec[i].iov_len instead of copy_len
      totempg: Fix corrupted messages
      cpg: Handle fragmented message sending interrupt

Toki Winter (1):
      corosync.aug: Add missing options

yuusuke (1):
      systemd: Delete unnecessary soft_margin

Upgrade is (as usually) highly recommended.

Thanks/congratulations to all people that contributed to achieve this
great milestone.

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