Dne 16.5.2018 v 05:52 Casey & Gina napsal(a):
Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to get fencing/stonith going with pacemaker.

As far as I understand it, they are both part of the same thing - setting up 
stonith means setting up fencing.  If I'm mistaken on that, please let me know.

Specifically, I'm wanting to use the external/vcenter plugin.  I've got the 
required vCenter CLI software installed and tested with `gethosts`, `on`, 
`off`, etc. commands as per /usr/share/doc/cluster-glue/stonith/README.vcenter. 
 I'm struggling to understand how to now get it set up with pacemaker.

Both the aforementioned document as well as 
 have instructions for crm, not pcs, and I'm not sure how exactly to translate 
one to the other.  What I've done before in this circumstance is to install 
crmsh, execute the crm-based command, then look at the resulting .xml and try 
to figure out a pcs command that creates an equivalent result.  Anyways, those 
two instructions give very different commands, and I don't really understand 

Firstly, I'll start with the documentation file included on my system, as I'm 
assuming that should be the most authoritative.  It provides the following two 
commands as examples:

crm configure primitive vfencing stonith::external/vcenter params \
   VI_SERVER="" VI_CREDSTORE="/etc/vicredentials.xml" \
   HOSTLIST="hostname1=vmname1;hostname2=vmname2" RESETPOWERON="0" \
   op monitor interval="60s"

crm configure clone Fencing vfencing


the pcs alternative commands are:

pcs stonith create vfencing external/vcenter \
VI_SERVER= VI_CREDSTORE=/etc/vicredentials.xml \
HOSTLIST="hostname1=vmname1;hostname2=vmname2" RESETPOWERON=0 \
op monitor interval=60s


pcs resource clone vfencing

However, the part `op monitor interval=60s` can be omitted since pcs takes it from the agent automatically. The second command can be used but it does not make much sense as already mentioned by Andrei.


Why is the second line there?  What does it do?  Is it necessary?  
Unfortunately the document doesn't give any explanation.

Secondly, looking at the web link above, it says to add a primitive for each 
node in the cluster, as well as a location.  This seems rather different than 
the above approach.  Which is more correct?

Lastly, searching the web for some documentation on how to do this with PCS, I came 
 - which has yet another totally different way of doing things, by adding a "fencing 
device".  Attempting to fiddle around with fence_vmware command doesn't seem to get 
me anywhere - how is this related to the external/vcenter module?

So I'm really confused about what I should do, and why there seems to be 
radically different ways presented, none of which I can easily grasp.  I assume 
these questions are the same regardless of which particular plugin is being 

Is there some good documentation that explains this in better detail and can 
definitively tell me the best way of going about this, preferably with pcs?

Thank you,

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