Hi Ken,

Thanks for your explanations - they are really helpful in coming to understand 
this set of software.

> Whether to use one fence resource for the whole cluster, or one for
> each node, is partly a question of what the device requires and partly
> a personal preference.

I think that one resource for the whole cluster is what makes the most sense in 
my case.

> I'm not familiar with VMware fencing, so I can't comment on the
> specifics of the agents ...

I have tested that I can use the vCLI on each node to reset nodes, etc., but 
I'm unsure of how to diagnose why the stonith resource is failing to start 
based on the corosync.log.  Is there a way to directly run whatever the 
commands are that pacemaker is trying with an external stonith plugin?

I have noticed that if I just try to execute 
/usr/lib/stonith/plugins/external/vcenter without any arguments, I receive the 
following error - could this be what is causing it to fail?

Can't exec "ha_log.sh": No such file or directory at 
/usr/lib/stonith/plugins/external/vcenter line 21.
Died at /usr/lib/stonith/plugins/external/vcenter line 22.

I don't seem to have any ha_log.sh file on my system.  Perhaps this is missing 
from the package?

Kind regards,
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