11.07.2018 19:44, Salvatore D'angelo пишет:
> Hi all,
> in my cluster doing cam_mon -1ARrf I noticed my STONITH resources are not 
> correctly located:

Actual location of stonith resources does not really matter in up to
date pacemaker. It only determines where resource will be monitored;
resource will be used by whatever node will be selected to perform stonith.

The only requirement is that stonith resource is not prohibited from
running on node by constraints.

> p_ston_pg1    (stonith:external/ipmi):        Started pg2
> p_ston_pg2    (stonith:external/ipmi):        Started pg1
> p_ston_pg3    (stonith:external/ipmi):        Started pg1
> I have three node: pg1 (, pg2 (, and pg3 ( I 
> expected p_ston_pg3 was running on pg3, but I see it on pg1.
> Here my configuration:
> primitive p_ston_pg1 stonith:external/ipmi \\
>       params hostname=pg1 pcmk_host_list=pg1 pcmk_host_check=static-list 
> ipaddr= userid=root passwd="/etc/ngha/PG1-ipmipass" 
> passwd_method=file interface=lan priv=OPERATOR
> primitive p_ston_pg2 stonith:external/ipmi \\
>       params hostname=pg2 pcmk_host_list=pg2 pcmk_host_check=static-list 
> ipaddr= userid=root passwd="/etc/ngha/PG2-ipmipass" 
> passwd_method=file interface=lan priv=OPERATOR
> primitive p_ston_pg3 stonith:external/ipmi \\
>       params hostname=pg3 pcmk_host_list=pg3 pcmk_host_check=static-list 
> ipaddr= userid=root passwd="/etc/ngha/PG3-ipmipass" 
> passwd_method=file interface=lan priv=OPERATOR
> location l_ston_pg1 p_ston_pg1 -inf: pg1
> location l_ston_pg2 p_ston_pg2 -inf: pg2
> location l_ston_pg3 p_ston_pg3 -inf: pg3
> this seems work fine on bare metal.
> Any suggestion what could be root cause?

Root cause of what? Locations match your constraints.
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