I've got a Cocoon setup with a pipeline whose transformer contains
something like this:

  <cinclude:include src="https://my-app/get-some-data"; />

Now, the URL included there is actually coming from Cocoon, and actually
I have a certificate that Java doesn't trust, so I get errors about PKI
certification paths. I can "easily" solve that (and have been for some
time, now) by specifying a truststore for the JVM process that contains
my server's TLS certificate in it.

I'd like to stop doing that for at least two reasons:

1. When my server certificate needs an update, I have to update my trust
store and bounce Cocoon
2. It could be more efficient (no loopback HTTP request, no TLS
handshake, etc.)

Does cinclude understand Cocoon-relative paths?

I'm looking for something like this:

  <cinclude:include src="cocoon://get-some-data" />

Does something like that exist?


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