the problem about fop is that the the parameter files i could reach lie outside 
the webapp and are rather restricted in their location.But i have a hint how to 
change the PDFSerializer that i can put them on the classpath.I will try it 
when i am back from my holidays end of july.
but now that i cannot use cocoon without programming efforts as i also found 
out for my email usage as rest application i think i could also integrate it in 
wicket although the rest idea was challenging.
after this work is done i hope i can get to new functions

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i got it running in openshift but now an old problem came up. In the fop-config 
file the base and metrics-file and embed-url i found rather fixed placing all 
at the bottom of the project directory but when i bring up to openshift all the 
adresses don't .work the easiest way would be to get them from cocoon But i 
don't know how to achieve it

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You have to use 3.0.0-beta-SNAPSHOT maven dependencies and all works seamlessly.
I didn't have any problems building package (jar) and deploying to Tomcat. 
Openshift shouldn't
have any issues either.

Btw. C3 development is stale now. Beta release hasn't been published 
officially. Feel free to contribute.


2016-06-26 7:04 GMT+02:00 hansheinrichbraun 
3.0.0-beta-1-SNAPSHOT thank you for yout quick reply which shows me there is 
still some life in cocoon.I am just testing another solution.bringing my 
private maven repository to openshift.And it worked already with my database 
dependency.So it seems that i can bring my local maven infrastructure to 
openshift it was a hazzle for me to bring these both together. i use cocoon as 
a rest service to produce pdf and emails maybe i will still meet some troubles 
with the rest function and with emails let's see

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<> Datum: 25.06.16  20:41  (GMT+01:00) An:, Hans-Heinrich Braun <> 
Betreff: Re: cocoon and cocoon-webapp together 
What version of Cocoon? Use 2.12 and deploy the web app to Tomcat 7
What's the problem with that?
Best wishes 

On Sat, 25 Jun 2016, 17:58 Hans-Heinrich Braun, 
<> wrote:
I am bringing my application to openshift.It seems that i cannot integrate 
local dependencies in openshift.So it try to make one maven project out of 
cocoon and cocoon-webapp.But i didn't succeed after one day of trial.Do 
somebody have an idea how to accomplish it,Best regardsH.H.Braun

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