absolute paths now work in the sitemap.but i deliver my cocoon application as a 
servlet in a jar which i deliver to nexus in openshift then i install my 
application using system variables of openshift to tell where the templates and 
pictures are.delivering fop-config with the installed application works but 
with sitemap it doesn't work cocoon expects it in it's jar my last hope is to 
find a plugin which allows to implant a new sitmap in the 
WEB-INF/lib/cocoon.jar the other alternative i try now to build the pipeline 
implanted in my application with the miracle where fop expects fop.config.xml

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On 26/11/2016 10:23, hansheinrichbraun wrote:
> how can i use absolute adresses in the sitemap in cocoon 3.0
> for example in src

What do you mean exactly?

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