We used latest 2.1 source from public SVN server and built war file ourselves 
to be compatible with Java 8.

From: Thangavel, Senthil Kumar (LNG-CON) 
Sent: Dienstag, 11. September 2018 08:21
To: users@cocoon.apache.org
Cc: Mohamed Sali, Mohamed Abubacker Siddique (LNG-CON) 
Subject: RE: Compatibility check

I am currently using Cocoon version 2.1. And I am planning to upgrade the 
tomcat container version to "9.0.11" and java version to 1.8. Will the Cocoon 
2.1 version is compatible with the higher version of tomcat and java. Also does 
it have any dependency with OS? Please provide the expert advice.


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