On Mon, 2021-04-19 at 08:39 +0200, Francesco Chicchiriccò wrote:

> Any chance you can share your changes, even as PR against
> https://github.com/apache/cocoon/tree/BRANCH_2_1_X
> ?

Firstly, sorry for the delay responding to this.

The patches to Cocoon are to two files[1], but the one in
JavaLanguage.java, setting the compilerComplianceLevel to an integer
based on the Java version, makes use of something I added to my local
build of commons-lang - I didn't see there an existing means of getting
that information from the enum JavaVersion.

This was to avoid changing compilerComplianceLevel to be the new enum
JavaVersion in its various places - I wanted a quick fix!

I can rework my change to switch all instances of
compilerComplianceLevel from being an int to a JavaVersion, and the
flow-on changes (switch statements, compiler-compliance-level values
specified in xsp-program-language.xconf, etc), but I can't test the
results myself and am not directly connected with any of the people who
were experiencing the problem.

More broadly, might there be a need to overhaul or modernise at least
the documentation around compilation for any release of Cocoon 2.1 that
is updated to use commons-lang3 - Java 1.3 is going back a long way
now! But then I find the Java environment generally, and building
within it, an incomprehensible jungle; hopefully it makes sense to
people who are actually Java programmers.

[1] EclipseJavaCompiler.java and JavaLanguage.java, both in


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