Aggelos Economopoulos wrote:
Jordan Gordeev wrote:
It's time public testing of the amd64 port begins.

The code is available in my git repo at
git:// in branches "amd64" and
The "amd64+hacks" branch contains what "amd64" contains + some band aid
to keep the system working even when a proper fix to a known problem is
not yet developed.


You can now begin to find and report (and fix) bugs.

Does it work in an emulator and if so, which ones are known to work? Do
you plan to offer a CD image we can install from (not necessarily using
the installer, the old cpdup method is fine at this stage)?

It is known to work in qemu. See Matt's instructions for using /usr/src/test/amd64. It should work in any emulator that supports DragonFly. It sure works on real hardware. I do not plan to offer a CD image. I'm unable to imagine the use case. The amd64 port is a work in progress, so one should be able to build and re-build from source, and the lack of CD image shouldn't be a problem.
Can we build amd64 world and kernel on an amd64 installation?
You can. However, I'm yet to test if world and kernel built on amd64 actually work. :-)

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