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I just created such an example for CXF-DOSGi 2.



On 16.09.2016 08:42, Martin Nielsen wrote:
Hello everyone.

I have a question about using CXF in an OSGi container. More specifically
using it via Declarative Services.

I need to create a REST endpoint, that is secured by 2way SSL, as well as
an interceptor which can read the incomming client certificate after the
handshake in order to perform authentication inside the application itself.

But how do i do this? I found a demo to make CXF register a component as a
rest service here.

But i still can't resources on how to do the 2way ssl part.
I know i need to setup trust and keystores on the HTTPConduit, but i have
no idea how or where to do that in an OSGi environment.

I am using Karaf for the OSGi container, if that has any relevance.

Thank you in advance


Christian Schneider

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