I looked at the code, and it's potentially an easy change I can make. There
are two options:

1. Use a condition which will result in Lifetime being skipped. For example,
if both the Created and the Expires are set to Instant.EPOCH, don't create
Lifetime. Would there ever be a reason where someone would want both Created
and Expires set to epoch?

2. Use a more flexible configuration which will allow control over the
fields via a property bag. (e.g. something like
sts.filter.issueresponse.lifetime=true or a better version of that). However
this option I'm unclear, since I don't have a good understanding of the
entire framework and what I can reuse and what I need to write from scratch.
Any property bags already in place that would be available in the *Operation

I have not yet been able to fully build and test CXF 3.2 (unit tests fail),
and I am not adventurous enough to make substantial changes without being
able to run the unit tests.

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