I converted the wsdl_first_https sample for 3.2.2 to use my wsdl and 
implemntation classes. I got it running locally. Then when I deploy to my 
server with my keystore it gives this error

{https://qcbfetchdemo.creditswift.co.uk:8081/qcbfetch}QCBFetchService is not a 
valid service. Valid services are: 

But here is my Service setup

  QCBFetchImpl implementor = new QCBFetchImpl();

    SpringBusFactory bf = new SpringBusFactory();
    URL busFile = Server.class.getResource("/ServerContext.xml");
    Bus bus = bf.createBus(busFile.toString());

    String address = "https://qcbfetchdemo.creditswift.co.uk:8081/qcbfetch";;
    Endpoint.publish(address, implementor);

Here is the annotation in the QCBFetchImpl.java

                      serviceName = "QCBFetchService",
                      portName = "QCBFetch",
                      targetNamespace = 
                      wsdlLocation = 

    public class QCBFetchImpl implements QCBFetch {

You can see the wsdl at the above address.

Not sure what is changed relative to the localhost test I have run successfully 
that has caused this. I switched to my own certificates in this process but 
doubt I am even getting to that point.


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