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On Sat, Mar 3, 2018 at 3:29 PM, Aaron Anderson <>

> 1) Is it possible to reproduce the big_query functionality using only the
> standard JAX-RS Client and ClientBuilder API methods?

I don't think so, all of the examples in the codebase use CXF's WebClient

> Would I be able to register the CXF endpoint that processes the tokens as
> a simple servlet rather than a JAX-RS endpoint?

In theory yes, although I'm not sure how easy it will be to do this. See
here (section "Configuring JAX-RS services in container without Spring"):

2) Can I reproduce the CXF configuration defined in the basic_odic example
> without Spring?

I believe so, Spring is optional with CXF.

> 3) In the CXF configuration can I define my own refresh token store and if
> so what interface does it need to implement?

Why do you want to define a refresh token store on the client side? CXF
stores the AccessToken (and internally the refresh token) in the security
context for the authenticated user (see OidcSecurityContext).


> Searching through the CXF source code I see numerous examples of token
> persistence for the IDP feature but I couldn't identify how this could be
> leveraged for a relying party.
> Thanks!
> Aaron

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