Hi Folks,

Suppose you are creating the official, standard DFDL schema for a data format. 
Would you be okay with officially releasing a schema that generates warnings on 
data that is valid?

Here's an example. The RFC for CSV (RFC 4180) says that CSV files consist of 
records separated by newlines. Each record consists of fields separated by 
commas. The last record may or may not have a new line.

Suppose the last record of a CSV file has newline. My DFDL schema generates 
this warning:

[warning] Left over data. Consumed 1680 bit(s) with at least 16 bit(s) 

I am thinking that that warning is okay. Why? Because when the last record has 
a newline, then the file really does have left over data - the newline on the 
last record. So, a warning is not unreasonable.

Well, that's what I think. I might be thinking wrongly. What do you think? 
Would you ever officially release a DFDL schema that generates warnings on 
valid input data?


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