Hi everyone,

We have a significantly large dataset that is already represented by theta 
sketches, across a variety of dimensions.
The theta sketch is chosen because the type of queries that are presented often 
involve many set operations, to filter down the data according to various 
dimension combinations.
Recently, there is a compelling use case to adopt tuple sketches for some of 
the properties of the data.  These tuple sketches would also need to be 
filtered according to the same query criteria as the theta sketches.
My initial assumption is that we would need to replicate all of our existing 
data as tuple sketches to accommodate this filtering.  Since tuple sketches are 
an extension of the theta idea, is it accurate to regard a tuple sketch where 
the summary mode
Is ALWAYS_ONE as isomorphic the theta sketch, in accuracy and behaviour?
Converting our entire dataset over to tuple sketches is not an option, and I 
also am unconvinced that a theta sketch can be easily converted to a tuple 
sketch on the fly, using the aforementioned summary property.

Would anyone be able to verify my assumptions in this case, namely:
- the theta sketch and tuple sketch can not be combined
- the tuple sketch cannot be converted from and to a theta sketch
- it is necessary to replicate an entire dataset into tuple sketches to use 
common set operations across the same dimensions

Thank you for open-sourcing this library, and for any help with regard to the 

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