hi alex,

you can override afterProceed and/or onCloseTransactionScope



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2018-04-10 20:43 GMT+02:00 Alex Roytman <roytm...@gmail.com>:

> Hi I want to do some work on transaction completion but not sure how to
> intercept transaction event (something
> like javax.transaction.Synchronization)
> I am
> using org.apache.deltaspike.jpa.impl.transaction.
> ResourceLocalTransactionStrategy
> I was thinking of extending it and overwriting some of its methods but I am
> not sure which one is actually is executed before/after commit and rollback
> and if it is even appropriate to to it there
> I would greatly appreciate if you could suggest a pure CDI (ideally) or
> deltaspike specific solution
> Thank you
> alex

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