On Wed, 25 Mar 2020 19:07:09 +0000
"Benoit Ganne (bganne)" <bga...@cisco.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> We noticed a problematic behavior when using DPDK in Azure with Mellanox 
> CX4-Lx VFs on Ubuntu 18.04: the link status (link up or down) is never 
> updated - and so for an application trusting the link state reported by DPDK, 
> the link looks unavailable.
> The root cause is mlx5_link_update_unlocked_gs() failing to get the link 
> speed from the Linux driver and always returning EAGAIN because of this test 
> at the end of the function:
>     if (((dev_link.link_speed && !dev_link.link_status) ||
>          (!dev_link.link_speed && dev_link.link_status)))
> Here, dev_link.link_status is correctly set but not dev_link.link_speed.
> The Linux kernel driver does not seem to be able to get the link speed 
> because ethtool also fails to retrieve it from the kernel so the DPDK cannot 
> do any miracle here, but I wonder whether this should prevent to update the 
> other link status information to be correctly updated.
> Any thoughts?
> Thx
> ben

Is this with netvsc PMD or failsafe PMD?

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