Look for a packet loop on the interface.  Use tcpdump on the interface to
see if there are excess packets being generated from somewhere.  There are
numerous things that can blow up a LAN.  The most common being that a
switch port is wired to loop back into the LAN.


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> On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 11:49 AM, Richard Nyberg <rnyb...@murmeldjur.se>
> wrote:
> > Thanks!
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> > Here are some more datapoints.
> I think the only constant at this point is the internal interface on
> the DragonFly system.  If you hook the em0 interface that's currently
> internal on the DragonFly machine up to your Internet link (i.e.
> reverse which interface is internal or external), does it still
> perform badly?
> If it doesn't work well, then that interface is bad.  I'd be
> surprised, cause I've seen network ports go bad very rarely, but it's
> possible.  Plus, I don't have any other ideas.

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