Hello everyone!  We've done a point release, 4.6.1.  It contains a number
of bug fixes and at least three serious security fixes.

* A few kernel bugs have been fixed.

* security hole in DMA fixed.

* root priv escalation from non-root user bug fixed in the kernel.

* OpenSSL updated to 1.0.1u (only affects the -RELEASE branch.  In master
we are shifting over to use a dports-built openssl and libressl to be able
to react more quickly to ssl-related issues).

* Other fixes and a few selected features taken from Master.

Also, one more kernel bug was fixed just after we rolled 4.6.1 which has
been MFC'd to the -release tree.  It fixes a panic in the VM system that
most people won't hit.  A normal kernel build and install from the latest
release branch will get this fix.  The binary release image doesn't have
this fix.


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